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Motion Graphics Designer & Game Designer.

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Gökdeniz Çetin was born in 2001 in Giresun, Turkey. His interest in games started at a very young age. From childhood, he asked himself "how do I make games?", now he is the game developer. He gave life to hundreds of characters, especially thanks to his interest in animation. He acted as an animator in various game productions, and now he is taking firm steps to grow his own brand.

He is known by the alias DryreL.


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Actively working in various industry standard programs.

Photoshop 100%
After Effects 90%
Maya 75%
ZBrush 70%
Unity 80%
Daz3D 90%


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Gökdeniz Çetin

Innovative and deadline-driven Motion Graphics Designer with 3+ years of experience animating material from final illustration and UI/UX design from initial concept to polished final version.

His experiences on Digital Games continues to increase every year.


Bachelor of Digital Games

May 2021 - Aug 2021

TH Köln - Cologne Game Labs, Cologne, Germany

Exchange (Erasmus+) student in Game Arts.

Bachelor of Digital Game Design

Sep 2019 - Jun 2023

Bahçeşehir University - BUG Game Labs, Istanbul, Turkey

GPA: 3.70/4.00

Private Ugur Anatolian High School

Sep 2015 - Jun 2019

Uğur Anatolian High School - Giresun, Turkey

GPA: 95.25/100



Jun 2019 - Present

Freelancer (Global)

Prepares advertisements, game animations, 2d rigged animations, Steam profiles, video animations and user interface for international customers.


Sep 2021 - Present

Freelancer (Global)

Prepares advertisements, game animations, 2d rigged animations, Steam profiles, video animations and user interface for international customers.


Jul 2020 - Present


Prepares advertisements, game animations, 2d rigged animations, Steam profiles, video animations and user interface for Turkish customers.


Personal Project: The Archer of Windzin

Apr 2021 - Present

Project Leader, Designer, Artist, Animator, Coder

  • Create high quality 2D raster characters, backgrounds, assets.
  • Create smooth 2D bone animations with FK and IK.
  • Use C# Scripting Language in Unity.
  • Technical design overall levels and collectibles.
  • Art design overall interface/graphics/UI.
  • Lineer storywritten with fun elements.
  • Make Unity Engine game optimizations.

Semester Project: The Strive

Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

2D Animator, UI/UX Designer

  • Create high quality 2D pixel animations using Unity bone system.
  • Design interesting animations for pixel assets.
  • Design fancy user interface.
  • Animate user interface and graphics.
  • Collaborate remotely with four group member.

Semester Project: Sonar Spaceship

May 2021

2D Assets, UI/UX Designer

  • Created high quality 2D assets.
  • Designed user interface of the game.
  • Collaborate remotely with two group member

Semester Project: Maximum Pain

Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

PBR Texturing, UV Wrapper, Map Designer

  • Create a whole map scene with 3D modular models
  • PBR Texturing in Substance Painter
  • UV Wrapping in Autodesk Maya
  • Collaborate remotely with four group member

Semester Project: The Silent Manor

May 2020 - Jun 2020

3D Artist, UI/UX Designer

  • Made various 3D models of the game.
  • Took part in menu design, minigame visuals, 2D and user interface production.
  • The first digital game project with 20 minutes of gameplay in a month.
  • Collaborate remotely with four group member

BUG GameJam 2019

Nov 2019

Game Designer

  • Designing a strategy-based board game.
  • A long-running game with 4 players.
  • Gather resources, build your own base and fight using the environment.
  • Collaborate in-office with two group member


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There are services in many areas of design. Which one are you interested in?

2D Motion Animation

Do you know the animated login screen of the League of legends game? I guess so! This kind of detailed motion character animations, particle effects simulations and background animations.

Streamer Design

Want to be a streamer? Panels, covers, frames, transitions, alerts are ready for Twitch, YouTube, DLive and more...

Social Media Ads

Looking for short but eye cachy animations for your commercial ad?

UI/UX Design

Need interface for any app, game or movie? From concept to finale, from static to animation, all here!

3D Modeling & Animation

Do you need 3D modeling or 3D animation? We offer you the best service using industry standards.

Video Editor

Does your video need editing? Will it be animated? Here it is!


A few reviews from hundreds of sales.

I'm speechless. More than I could have wished for, the Artwork is perfect. Communication was super fast and friendly, definitely recommended!


Verified Customer

This is my second order from this seller and he has somehow outdone himself again. He was extremely responsive with every question I had and explained everything that he was doing. I have found the artist that I am going to order from whenever I need anything to look kick-ass!! Well worth the price when you know your steam profile is going to look better than everyone elses!


Verified Customer

It was amazing very fast and did a fantastic job! I cannot wait to purchase another job! Thank you so much. The seller was also very helpful in providing me with details.


Verified Customer

The Communication with DryreL was really fast, as soon as i placed my order and toled him what i wanted he started making it. Artwork was done 2Days before the estimated Delivery Time and it looks insane, 10/10 would recommend and buy again!


Verified Customer

This dood! Is the dood! Awesome work and fast as hell! 10/10!! Thanks again!


Verified Customer

Great job, even faster than it should be. The price really corresponds to the quality of the animation. I recommend.


Verified Customer

Really liked the artwork he created, I'd say the artwork went way pass my expectation and I would buy again in the future and I also recommend other's to use his services.


Verified Customer

I hired Gökdeniz for him to make my Steam Profile look better. He animated my favourite character from an anime and it looks beautiful. Delivery was very fast and probably one of the most important aspect, communication was awesome! I knew that I could ask anything and he would reply me back in a very short time, sometimes as I sent the message. Great and passionate person to work with. Highly recommended.


Verified Customer

He does a great job. He was extremely responsive with every question I had and explained everything that he was doing. I have found the artist that I am going to order from whenever I need anything to look kick-ass!! An excellent professional in his field.You can rely on this person, he will not only translate your desire into reality but also give some advice from the point of view of a specialist. Do not hesitate to communicate with him and place an order - you will not regret.


Verified Customer

Yet another amazing result by Dryrel! I've lost count on how many times I've used Dryrel as a designer/creator. 10/10 Amazing service and extremely quick delivery! 10/10 The end result is always spot-on! 10/10 Thanks again! 👌

Tommy Fodnes

Verified Customer

The overall outcome was really good. I saw that he mostly worked with anime characters and not real-life from the recent reviews, so there could be a few minor improvements (The entire hair does not move, only some parts, but I understand it had to be done for the animation.), and the eyes were not animated, but I think it is better this way. This is my first ever commission and I must say I was reluctant to pay this much money, however this is probably the best price you'll receive for these types of commissions. Overall: 9/10.


Verified Customer

I would like to give even more than five stars, nice, friendly and professional. (っ◔◡◔)っ❤.


Verified Customer

Absolutely amazing work! My second time working with him! He is awesome at what he does, he made me a social pop up now and prior and everything is perfect :) He will always be my go to!


Twitch Streamer

The work was done very quickly, I am very satisfied 5/5.


Verified Customer

Looks very nice indeed, I love the breathing animation and the eyes look so much nicer than my other Fiverr.

Commander Triss

Verified Customer

If you are looking for a great steam gif for your profile then you are in luck! Dryrel gives you good info and he makes your dreams come true! helpful person and I can't imagine someone not being satisfied (10/10).


Verified Customer

My idea was implemented quickly and reliably. A great artwork was turned into even greater art. My Steam profile will now shine in a whole new light. The whole thing is quite expensive, but you get what you ask for.

Sensei Akabane

Verified Customer

My results were amazing, and it came way faster then I expected, definitely reccomend working with dryrel, his work is amazing!


Verified Customer



Cologne, Germany / Istanbul, Turkey


+49 15739099480

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