Project information

  • Category: Game Design
  • Genre: 3D, Exploration, Puzzle, Singleplayer, Horror, First Person
  • Release Date: 25 Jun, 2020
  • Project URL: / Presentation


A downloadable game for Windows.


Player is an Investigator and  hired to find a lost woman, He came to the Manor which the lost woman last seen for investigation and learns hidden secrets and solves the crime. He escapes the Cursed Place.The Player can solve these puzzles with in game evidences and eye-coordination skills.


There is a Task List (Objectives) on top-left of the screen

You can interact with some objects

There are some different mini games which player can solve them to progress

Player tries to finish the game by solving mysterious things and escape from place



Space: Jump

Shift: Run

W-A-S-D: Movement

E: Interact with an object

Space: Unlock things

F: Active/deactive hand lamp

Enter: Skip Cutscenes



Cenker Cennet Durmuş - Programmer

Emre Ozan - Designer

Hamit Akbaş - 3D Artist

Gökdeniz Çetin - 2D/3D Artist

Mert Ünlü - Sound




Download Standalone Version:

Direct Download (Windows)